Termoprocesní technika

Draw Hook

  • For charging protective gas annealing bags with holder, hardening and protective gas boxes
  • Large handle, also easy to handle with glove
Article no.Length in mm

Binding Wire

  • For binding workpieces to allow easy removal from boxes
  • Annealed twice and safe from breakage during charging
Article no.Wire Ø in mmContainer
4910360901.0025 kg ring
4910361251.2525 kg ring
4910361501.5050 kg ring
4910362002.0050 kg ring
4910363003.0050 kg ring

Hardening Tongs

  • Various shapes and sizes for different applications and workpiece geometries
  • Handle length 600 mm, assuring sufficient distance from hot furnace chamber and for deep immersion length into quench bath
Article no.Description
491003001Tongs with flat jaw suitable for hand forming
491003002Tongs with vertical mouth for lifting off floor
491003003Tongs with bent mouth, universal use
491003004Tongs with double-curve jaw, universal use
491003005Half round tongs, for round rod materials
491003006Knee tongs for larger rings with thick wall
491003008Handy universal tongs for small parts (handle length 500 mm)


  • Specially insulated gloves for working with hot mechanical components and working near furnace
Article no.DescriptionShort-time contact temperature in °C
491041101Fiberglass glove, 400 mm longapprox. 900
491041102Kevlar mitt, 280 mm long approx. 400
491041103Kevlar finger glove, 300 mm longapprox. 400
491041104Kevlar mitt, 350 mm longapprox. 450
493000004NOMEX finger glove, knitapprox. 600