Chamber Furnaces with Radiation Heating

N 7/H N 41/H

N 641 with annealing box and lift trolley

N 7/H - N 1491

These universal chamber furnaces with radiation heating are designed for highly adverse conditions during heat treatment. They are ideally suited for tooling construction processes and in the hardening shop, such as annealing, hardening or preheating for forging. The use of various accessories allow these furnaces to be modified for your application.

Standard Features, Table-Top Models N 7/H - N 17/HR

  • Compact, low-cost construction
  • Heating from floor and both side walls
  • Heating elements on support tubes ensure free heat radiation and a long service life
  • Low energy consumption due to multi-layer insulation
  • Casing made of sheets of textured stainless steel (non-corrosive design)
  • Exhaust air vent mounted on the side
  • Optimal temperature uniformity up to ΔT 20 K in accordance with DIN 17052-1
  • Floor heating protected by heat conducting SiC tiles
  • Parallel swinging door which opens downward (protection against heat radiation)

Standard Features N 31/H - N 61/H, like models N 7/H - N 17/HR, plus

  • Upper door area amored with stainless steel to avoid burn damage
  • Exhaust air vent in rear wall of furnace
  • Door movement cushioned by gas springs
  • Base included in delivery

Standard Version N 81/H - N 1491/H, like models N 31/H - N 61/H, except

  • Door movement with counterweight and gas spring; opening upward
  • Models N 761 + N 1491 equipped with electro-hydraulic lift door

For additional features see separate heat treatment catalog

Article no.ModelTmaxInner dimensions in mmVolumeExterior dimensions in mmSupplyElectricalWeight
Controller B 150Controller C 290 °Cwdhin lWDHpower/kWconnection*in kg
001311110001311190N 7/H¹128025025012077206405103,01-phase60
001311210001311290N 11/H¹1280250350140117207605103,61-phase70
001311310001311380N 11/HR¹1280250350140117207605105,53-phase²70
001311510001311580N 17/HR¹1280250500140177208905106,43-phase²90
001321110001321173N 31/H1280350350250308401010132013,03-phase210
001321210001321290N 41/H1280350500250408401160132015,03-phase260
001321310001321395N 61/H 1280350750250608401410132020,03-phase400
101320400101320490N 8112005007502508011401900179020,03-phase820
101320500101320590N 161 120055075040016011801930198030,03-phase910
101320600101320690N 3211200750110040032014002270204047,03-phase1300
101320700101320790N 64112001000130050064016902670224070,03-phase2100
101320800101320890N 7611200800190050076015502540265070,03-phase2400
101320900101320990N 14911200166012007501490243018403150110,03-phase5400
101330400101330490N 81/1313005007502508012201960184022,03-phase900
101330500101330590N 161/13130055075040016012601990203035,03-phase1000
101330600101330690N 321/131300750110040032014802330209060,03-phase1500
101330700101330790N 641/13 13001000130050064017702730229080,03-phase2500
¹Table-top model *Please see page 32 for more information about mains voltage
²Heating only between two phases
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