Termoprocesní technika /
Průběžná zařízení pro atmosféry s ochranným plynem a reakčními plyny

Continuous Plants for Protective or Reaction Gas Atmospheres

Manual pusher-type furnace with cooling tunnel for hydrogen up to 1250 °C Modular strand annealing furnace for operation in a hydrogen atmosphere with electrically heated torches at the ends

Metal conveyor belt, alternatively available as a roller conveyor

Continuously operating furnaces are ideal for heat treatment of large numbers of small parts in a protective or reaction gas atmosphere, such as brazing, hardening, or annealing. Controlled protective gas atmospheres are generated in the furnace by using a gas tight retort. If hydrogen or cracked gas is used for the process, the furnace is equipped with the corresponding safety technology. Parameters such as maximum working temperature, exposure, and geometry of the charge all play a role in the choice of the conveying system. Established conveyor concepts include metal belts or rollers. Wire and strand annealing furnaces are used to anneal wires or strands; in this case, the charge is unwound in front of the furnace, drawn through the furnace and is then wound again behind the furnace. To cool the components faster, a water-cooled dual shell is installed directly behind the heating zone; the length of this is determined by the required unloading temperature.