Chamber Dryer Electrically Heated or Gas-Fired

KTR 1500 with charging cart KTR 21640/S with chamber lightning and drive-in tracks with insulated plugs which provide for an optimal temperature uniformity

Standard models

Motor-driven rotary rack with baskets for moving the charge during heat treatment

KTR 3100/S for curing of composites in vacuum bags incl. pump and necessary connections in the oven chamber

Air circulation in the chamber dryer

The chamber dryers of the KTR range can be used for complex drying processes and heat treatment of charges of normal weight and packing density to an application temperature of 260 °C. The high-performance air circulation enables optimum temperature uniformity throughout the usable space. A wide range of accessories allow the furnace to be modified to meet specific process requirements. The design for the heat treatment of flammable materials in conformance with EN 1539 is available for all sizes.

  • Tmax 260  °C
  • Electrically heated (via a heating register with integrated chrome steel heating elements) or gas-fired (direct gas heating including injection of the hot air into the intake duct)
  • Temperature uniformity up to ∆T 6 K according to DIN 17052-1 (for design wihout track cutouts)
  • High-quality mineral wool insulation provides for outer temperatures of < 20  °C above room temperature
  • High air exchange for fast drying processes
  • Double-wing door for furnaces KTR 3100 and larger
  • Over-temperature limiter with manual reset for thermal protection class 2 in accordance with EN 60519-2 as temperature limiter to protect the dryer and load
  • Incl. floor insulation

Additional equipment

  • Entry ramp for pallet trucks or track cutouts for charging cart
  • Optimal air circulation for individual charges by means of adjustable air outlets
  • Fan system for faster cooling with manual or motor-driven control
  • Programmed opening and closing of exhaust air flaps
  • Observation window and furnace chamber lighting
  • Safety technology according to EN 1539 for charges containing solvents
  • Charging cart with or without rack system
  • Design for clean room heat treatment processes
  • Process control and documentation with Controltherm MV software package
ModelTmaxInner dimensions in mmVolumeOuter dimensions in mmHeatingElectrical
 °Cwdhin lWDHpower in kW1connection*
KTR 1500260100010001500150019301430231521.03-phase
KTR 3100260125012502000310021601680288030.03-phase
KTR 4500260150015002000450024101930288048.03-phase
KTR 6125260175017502000612526602180300050.03-phase
KTR 8000260200020002000800029102430300059.03-phase
1Depending on furnace design connected load might be higher