Retort furnace NR 150/11 IDB with thermal post combustion
IDB Version for Debinding under Non-flammable Protective Gases or for Pyrolysis Processes

The retort furnaces of the NR and NRA product line are perfectly suited for debinding under non-flammable protective gases or for pyrolysis processes. The IDB version of the retort furnaces implements a safety concept by controlled purging the furnace chamber with a protective gas. Exhaust gases are burned in an exhaust torch. Both the purging and the torch function are monitored to ensure a safe operation.

  • Process control under monitored and controlled overpressure of 50 mbar relative
  • Process control H 1700 with PLC controls and graphic touch panel for data input
  • Monitored gas pre-pressure of the process gas
  • Bypass for safe flushing of furnace chamber with inert gas
  • Torch for thermal post combustion of exhaust gases
ModelTmaxModelTmaxWork space dimensions in mmWork spaceElectrical
 °C °Cwdhin lconnection*
NRA 17/..650 or 950NR 17/111100225350225173-phase
NRA 25/..650 or 950NR 25/111100225500225253-phase
NRA 50/..650 or 950NR 50/111100325475325503-phase
NRA 75/..650 or 950NR 75/111100325700325753-phase
NRA 150/..650 or 950NR 150/1111004507504501503-phase
NRA 200/..650 or 950NR 200/11110045010004502003-phase
NRA 300/..650 or 950NR 300/1111005909005903003-phase
NRA 400/..650 or 950NR 400/11110059012505904003-phase
NRA 500/..650 or 950NR 500/11110072010007205003-phase
NRA 700/..650 or 950NR 700/11110072013507207003-phase
NRA 1000/..650 or 950NR 1000/111100870135087010003-phase
*Please see page 69 for more information about supply voltage