Cold-Wall Retort Furnaces up to 2400 °C or up to 3000 °C

Retort furnace SVHT 9/24-W with tungsten heating

Graphite heating module

Cylindrical retort with tungsten heating

Cooling water distribution

Compared with the VHT models (page 56 ff), the retort furnaces of the SVHT product line offer improved performance data with regard to achievable vacuum and maximum temperature. Due to the design as pit-type furnace with tungsten heating, processes up to max. 2400 °C even in high vacuum can be implemented with retort furnaces of the SVHT..-W product line. Retort furnaces of the SVHT..-GR product line with graphite heating, also in pit-type design, can be operated in an inert gas atmosphere even up to max. 3000 °C.

  • Standard sizes with a furnace chamber of 2 or 9 liters
  • Designed as pit-type furnace, charged from above
  • Frame construction with inserted sheets of textured stainless steel
  • Dual shell water-cooled stainless steel container
  • Manual operation of process gas and vacuum functions
  • Manual gas supply for non-flammable process gas
  • A step in front of the retort furnace for an ergonomic charging height
  • Retort lid with gas-charged shock absorbers
  • Controls and switchgear as well as gas supply integrated in furnace housing
  • Defined application within the constraints of the operating instructions
  • Further standard product characteristics see description for standard design of VHT models

Heating options


  • Applicable for processes:
    • Under protective or reaction gases or in the vacuum up to 2200 °C under consideration of relevant max. temperature limits
    • Under inert gas argon up to 3000  °C
  • Max. vacuum up to 10-4 mbar depending on the type of pump used
  • Heating: graphite heating elements in cylindrical arrangement
  • Insulation: graphite felt insulation
  • Temperature measurement by means of an optical pyrometer


  • Applicable for processes under protective or reaction gases or in vacuum up to 2400  °C
  • Max. vacuum up to 10-5 mbar depending on the type of pump used
  • Heating: cylindrical tungsten heating module
  • Insulation: tungsten and molybdenum radiant plates
  • Temperature measurement with thermocouple type C
  • Additional equipment such as automatic process gas control or design for the operation with flammable gases incl. safety system see VHT models
ModelTmaxWork space dimensionsUseful volumeOuter dimensions in mmHeating powerElectrical
 °CØ x h in mmin lWDHin KW1connection*
SVHT 2/24-W2400150 x 1502,5130025002000553-phase
SVHT 9/24-W2400230 x 2309,5140029002100953-phase
SVHT 2/30-GR3000150 x 1502,5140025002100653-phase
SVHT 9/30-GR3000230 x 2309,51500290021001153-phase
1Depending on furnace design connected load might be higher *Please see page 73 for more information about supply voltage